IGNOU Solved Assignments

IGNOU BA Solved Assignments 2019-20

IGNOU BA Solved Assignments free (BDP Solved assignments IGNOU)
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IGNOU BA Solved Assignments 2019-20

Where can I get IGNOU BA solved assignments 2019-20 free of cost in English or Hindi medium? This is the question for which the students are looking for correct answer.But I would like to answer it for all the students of Indira Gandhi National Open University who are pursuing Bachelor of Arts (BA) programme.

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Get Correct IGNOU BA Solved Assignments

Don’t have time to make assignment? Not able to understand what to write. What is the correct way to write IGNOU BA solved assignment 2019-20?

Not to worry! we have the solution for you.We can help you in solving IGNOU BA assignments correctly by charging you a very nominal fee. Please send us email at [email protected] or contact us on mobile through our . no (7428482160)

First of all, let me tell you for which courses of BA, students have to write the solved assignments.There are three categories of IGNOU BA courses. These are as follows:

IGNOU BA Foundation Courses Solved Assignments

BEGLA-135, BEVAE-181, BEGC-131, BPSC-131, BSOC-131, BHIC-131

BSHF-101, BHDF-101, FEG-01/BEGF-101, FEG-02, FHD-02, FST-01, BMAF-001, BBHF-001, BSKF-001, FAS-001, FBG-001, FGT-01, FMT-01, FOR-01, FPB-01, FUD-01, FKD-01, FTG-01, FTM-01, FML-01

IGNOU BA Elective Course Solved Assignments

  • BA Economics (EEC / BECE)
  • BA Hindi (EHD)
  • BA History (EHI)
  • BA Political Science (EPS)
  • BA Psychology (BPC)
  • BA Public Administration (EPA)
  • BA Social Work (BSW)
  • BA Sociology (ESO)
  • BA Tourism (BTS)
  • BA Philosophy (BPY)

IGNOU BA Application Oriented Courses Solved Assignments

ACC-1, AED-1, AHE-1, AMK-1, ANC-1, AOM-1, ASP-1, ATR-1, ACS-1, AED-1, AHE-1

There are many websites on the internet which are offering IGNOU BA solved assignment free download link for all the above mentioned courses.

Wow! we got the answer.

Beware! The content in most of these free IGNOU BA solved assignments 2018-19 is not correct or we can say its wrong. Do you know Indira Gandhi National Open University is looking for unique solved assignments of BA from students to submit at study centres. I mean to say it should be made by students themselves from their study material/ books.

And what most of the students try to do is to download free Ignou BA solved assignment from some random website and write it to submit at your concerned study centre. It means many students of same or different IGNOU study centres will copy same assignment.

No doubt, you will write your BDP/BA assignments in very good handwriting. Also, you will follow all the Ignou BA assignment writing guidelines as well. May be you will design a very good IGNOU BA assignment front page as well to attach in front of it.

But all in vain as you may not get good marks for which you are doing so much hardwork.Because, you have copied free IGNOU solved assignments of BA courses which others are doing as well.

So, we advise students to not copy the assignments and make it yourself. It will also help them in preparing for their upcoming BA Term End Examination.

IGNOU BA Assignment free Download 2019-20

The Indira Gandhi National Open University send IGNOU BA assignment booklet along with study material to the students who takes admission in this Bachelor Degree programme. Sometimes, these assignment booklet does not remain valid for few BA courses as it reached late to the student address.

So, the question is “How can I get latest IGNOU BA assignment?”

The university has already provided the solution for this problem as they uploads all the latest BA assignment question booklets on its official website at www.ignou.ac.in.

The university upload the assignments in form of soft copy in PDF format.Students can easily download these latest IGNOU BA assignments free of cost on their mobile, desktop, laptop, etc.

It is the choice of student to take print out of it or not.They can directly open these assignments in the mobile or computer and write the questions on their rough copy.Later, they can solve these assignments and write it on sheets as per university guidelines.

To make it easy for the students, I have provided the direct link below to download IGNOU BA assignment PDF soft copy.It is as follows:

Importance of IGNOU BA Solved Assignments

Students have to obtain minimum of fifty percent marks to pass out assignment of each course separately.Each assignment will carry 100 marks.

“Each BA assignment carries 30% weightage of marks.”

The students who are pursuing BA 2nd or 3rd year can easily understand the above line. But the students who are new in IGNOU university will be thinking in their minds “मैं समझ नहीं पा रहा हूं कि इसका क्या अर्थ है”

So, let’s make it simple for them…

To pass out any BA course, student have to pass out both theory as well as assignments. Suppose, if any student obtain 50 marks out of 100 in assignment and 60 marks out of 100 in theory for any course. Then total marks for that course will be 70% theory + 30% assignment.

Therefore, student will get marks in that particular course as 70% of 50 (Theory) + 30% of 60 (Assignment) = 35 + 18 = 53 out of 100.

We hope you have understand it now.

Now, it has been made clear to all the students that it is mandatory to submit solved IGNOU BA assignments for all the required courses.Otherwise, course cannot be completed. It will show status in grade card as “Not Completed”. Alongwith, submitting solved assignment it becomes also important to take care of the quality of the assignment as 30% marks of it will be counted in final marks. It is a kind of freebie which nobody likes to miss out.

So, to secure good marks in assignments, we advice students to make good, clean and proper assignment containing correct answers of the questions.

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