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IGNOU Identity Card
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Students if you are looking to download IGNOU identity card 2020? If yes, then this means you are already registered in Indira Gandhi National open University.

Also, you should know about IGNOU online exam form as well as this will be your next step to appear in June and December exams. Students can also download IGNOU date sheet for upcoming examination.

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There are lot of questions which comes into the student’s mind about IGNOU Identity card. Here are few examples…

“How to download IGNOU Student identity card?”, “Can I download IGNOU ID card online?”, “Can I get ID card of IGNOU at regional centre?”

But, don’t worry you have just landed at right page. Here, we have answered all the questions which usually comes in student mind who takes admission in Indira Gandhi National Open University.

So, let’s start answering these questions one by one. I advise all the students to read this complete article till the end so that they don’t miss any important point which could get them in trouble during their studies.

What is IGNOU Duplicate ID Card ? Read about it…

IGNOU Identity Card

Ignou identity card is a  very important document issued by Indira Gandhi National Open University to all the students who got their admission confirmed in either July or January academic session.The unique enrollment number is mentioned on the student ID card.

Many students apply for admission in IGNOU but only eligible students got their admission confirmed. I am not going to discuss here about eligibility criteria for admission.I will discuss that in separate article with you.

So, let’s continue with discussion on Identity card issued by IGNOU university.

The students who got finally enrolled in this Open distance learning university will be issued an IGNOU Identity Card. Students must possess the ID card to produce it on demand at their concerned study centres, regional centre, exam centre, library, etc.

How to Download IGNOU Idenity Card?

Earlier, there were two methods to obtain ID card by the students i.e. by online mode or by offline mode at Regional centre. But now, change in admission process at IGNOU i.e. from Offline to Online, the students have been restricted to download IGNOU Identity card online and get it signed by authorized authority at regional centre.

Still confused? Ok No problem, let me explain more the process to download IGNOU ID card online…

Can I Download IGNOU ID card online?

To apply for admission in Indira Gandhi National Open University, students have to register them at the admission portal i.e.

They will create Username and Password here to complete their admission process. This same username and password will be used by the students to login into the admission portal and access it for more details about their admission.

Once the admission status is confirmed by the university, students will find the link to “Print ID card” in the admission portal after getting logged into the portal. Students have to click on the link and download IGNOU ID card 2020 to their computer or mobile device. Also, they can directly take print out of it if they working printer attached to their system.

Now, things must be more clear to you about downloading id card online.OK, Let’s move one step further to make the ID card downloaded by you authenticated.

Yes, you have read it right. The card you have downloaded online is not authenticated and it is not valid anywhere.

So, the question arises “what should I do to make identity card valid for use?

The answer is very simple…

Students have to visit their IGNOU regional centre concerned and they have make their ID card stamped and signed by authorized person. The details of which are mentioned on the Identity card.

Finally, we got the valid Identity card which can be produced anywhere by the student wherever required.

How to check IGNOU ID Card Status?

Students show very common behavior when they apply for IGNOU online admission. They immediately start checking their admission status or their IGNOU Identity card status online. They knows that they have applied for admission but their admission is confirmed or not, it is a big question for them.

So, I would like to make it clear to them that the university may take 30-40 days to confirm the admission of any student. So, there is no reason to check IGNOU Id card status immediately after admission.They should wait at least one month for the IGNOU university to issue their Unique ID Card.

After month of admission, students should do IGNOU login to the admission portal to check their Identity card status with their Username and Password. If the admission is confirmed, the student will find a link to Print ID card. Just click on it to print or download Id card. If any student, find any discrepancy in the details mentioned on the id card, he/she should immediately report it to the concerned regional center of IGNOU.

Can I get ID card of IGNOU at regional centre?

The answer is “Yes”. But this facility is available for those students only who applied for admission at regional centre. There are few programmes offered by Indira Gandhi National Open university like MBA, B.Ed, Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing, etc for which students have to apply for admission at Regional Centre.

Only for above mentioned programmes, the students can get ID card from their respective regional centres. Apart from these programmes, students who apply online for admission have to download ID card online.

At the end of this article, I would like to make things further simple by providing easy steps to download Ignou ID card online.

Easy Steps to Download IGNOU ID Card Online

Step 1: Open up IGNOU login page: or

Step 2: Login with Username and password which students have created earlier to complete their registration process.

Oh My God! I don’t remember my password. what to do? Don’t worry, there is a “Forgot Password” link on login page. Click on it to retrieve password by entering correct and working Email id.

Step 3: Now, If you have username and password available with you, Please do login into admission portal and find the link “Print ID Card”

Step 4: Click at this link and save Identity card PDF in the form of soft copy.

Step 5: Take print out of it.

How to validate IGNOU ID Card?

Online downloaded ID Card is not valid to use till it’s get validated by concerned authority at regional centre.So, let’s know how to validate IGNOU identity card ar regional cente…

There are methods to get Printed ID Card validated at regional centre.These are as follows:

1) Carry Printed IGNOU ID card to Regional Centre get it signed and stamped from Regional Director, Regional Centre.

2) Secondly, students can post their ID card to the Regional Centre address along with acknowledgement card. The authorized person at regional centre will sign it and he/she will send it back to the student’s address mentioned on acknowledgement card.

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