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IGNOU BHDLA 135 Solved Assignment 2019-20

IGNOU BHDLA 135 Solved Assignment
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BHDLA-135: हिंदी भाषा: विविध प्रयोग course is a part of Bachelor of Arts (General) programme. It is Compulsory Course (CC)

  • Course Code: BHDLA-135
  • Course Code: हिंदी भाषा: विविध प्रयोग
  • Medium: Hindi
  • Format: Soft Copy / PDF

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There are certain websites online which are providing free IGNOU solved assignment of BHDLA 135 2019-20 in Hindi medium to attract students to their websites. Students download these assignments and copy the answers to their sheets.

Wow! Job done…

But this is not correct way to solve IGNOU BHDLA 135 assignment 2019-20. Students should not copy these free downloaded हिंदी भाषा: विविध प्रयोग assignment completely. These may contain incorrect content which could result in less marks.

However, students can use these free assignments as reference to write the answers.

IGNOU BHDLA 135 Solved Assignment 2019-20

In Indira Gandhi National Open University, it is compulsory to submit IGNOU BHDLA 135 solved assignment 2019-20 to appear in June 2020 & December 2020 term end examination.

Students have to submit the solved assignment of required course in first year to complete the programme.

Student have to complete and submit one Tutor Marked Assignment for this course

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This assignment is very important part of IGNOU BAG curriculum. Each assignment is given 30% weightage in the final assessment. Students should submit the assignments before term end examination as per schedule.

Therefore, students should write neat and clear assignment answers. Please check out how to write assignment instructions & guidelines in the Programme Guide before attempting it.

IGNOU BHDLA 135 Assignment 2019-20

Students can download IGNOU BHDLA 135 assignment 2019-20 questions booklet online from the university official website at www.ignou.ac.in. This IGNOU BHDLA 135 Assignment July 2019 – January 2020 is available in the form of PDF file.

Students has been advised to download these assignments and take print out of it. They have to solve and write the assignment solutions on prescribed answer sheets.

Size of answer sheet paper can be checked in the guidelines to prepare IGNOU assignments which is mentioned on the assignment booklet.

To make it easy for the students, We have provided the link below to download IGNOU BHDLA 135 assignment 2019-20 question paper booklet in Hindi and Hindi medium:

Validity of IGNOU BHDLA 135 Assignment 2019-20

IGNOU BHDLA Assignment 2019-20 question paper is valid for July-2019 and Jan 2020 session students.

IGNOU BHDLA 135 Solved Assignment Submission Date

If the student is going to appear in June 2020 Term End Examination, then the last date of IGNOU BHDLA assignment submission at Study Centre is 30th April, 2020. For December 2020 term end examination, the last date is 31st October 2020

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